The Park Kit Team

Feature Article

Jon Stutfield

Jon, CEO of Park Kit

How Jon can help you:

I work with park and site owners improve their businesses by taking advantage of all sorts of digital opportunities. Whether you need to grow your revenue, improve your operational efficiency, or just empower your in-house team to achieve more, I'll help you to plan and execute a digital transformation. 

Fun fact: I'm obsessed with home automation, much to my wife's annoyance. I was recently threatened with divorce after I linked the doorbell to the kitchen extractor fan.


Jamie Angel

Jamie, Partnerships Manager

How Jamie can help you:

I'm the connection between you and our wonderful team! I'll be on hand to help you become a Park Kit customer. I'll make sure that you have a fantastic relationship with the Park Kit team and that your needs and objectives are addressed and surpassed.

Fun fact: I'm obsessed with going on holiday! In fact I'd probably say it's an addiction. In an average year I go on about 7 holidays. Since the pandemic that's of course reduced massively, but I hope to be able to go on some amazing staycations in 2021!



Conor Clafferty

Conor, Chief Technical Officer

How Conor can help you:

My sole ambition for Park Kit is to one day serve your customers on Mars...

How Conor can actually help you:

Really my role is to embrace technology that's a good fit for Park Kit so it's moving forward in a way that makes sense! Balancing the excitement of the future with the reality of the every day. I make sure your website works on everyone's phones, so that Google sees your business from the crowd and to make contact with your customers simple for those times they need a chat.


Laurie Peacock


Laurie, Chief Production Officer

How Laurie can help you:

I'll make sure your Park Kit website is delivered quickly and to the highest quality, saving you any pain or stress! Plus, I'm charge of continuous improvements to Park Kit  - from new add-ons, updates and website upgrades - I keep everything moving forwards.




Tom Wilkes

Tom, Front End Developer

How Tom can help you:

My job is to make sure you and your customers are able to view your Park Kit website across all the devices you use everyday. So whether you're out and about viewing on your phone or back home on your laptop, that experience has been developed with love and care by yours truly.

Fun fact: A stingray once sucked my toe...




Sam Pickersgill

Samuel, Digital Designer

How Sam can help you:

I help bring custom-designed Park Kit visions to life. Not only do I always ensure that Park Kit websites are held to the highest standard and specification, I also love creating feel-good and unique designs to the table which represent individual parks without pandering to short-lived trends. 

Fun fact: I have a keen interest in Vexillology, the study of the history and design of flags! 




Rachel Sharman

Rachel, Marketing Manager

How Rachel can help you:

I do the marketing for Park Kit, such as writing the blog post you're reading right now! I am also the first point of contact for caravan sites and holiday parks who sign up to our marketing-based services, including Organic Growth, SEO, and Digital Strategy. 

Fun fact: I love travelling around the UK and even completed a coast-to-coast cycle ride when I was 13